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First dive in 30 years.
"I decided to try a dive after not diving for 30 years. I was worried but was very reassured when the instructor Mikaela went through all the process with me. Had 2 dives from the boat and all went really well and it was fantastic"

10 Reasons to Ensure Red Sea Diving in Egypt Makes your Bucket List
It’s always a good time to refresh our memories about why the Red Sea has some of the best diving in the world. So Hossam Helmy put together 10 top reasons on to visit the Red Sea and tick diving in Egypt off your bucket list.

Graph showing monthly air and water temperature and recommended wetsuit for the Red Sea
Red Sea Temperatures
The Red Sea has sunshine and clear blue skies year round.

The great conditions of the Red Sea also include good water visibility due to calm waters, surrounded by sandy desert and increased light penetration resulting from its close proximity to the Equator.

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