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Snorkelling at its best!

The Red Sea is the warmest sea in the world, with so many different species of animals, and so many of each species, our snorkellers feel like they are swimming in an enormous aquarium.

Our snorkel guides are some of the most experienced you can find and can get even the most anxious beginners to feel safe when snorkelling. We provide modern snorkelling equipment in all sizes, including for children, available free of use on any of the trips listed below.

Snorkelling Day Trip

Our professional snorkel guides will always be in the water with you pulling the “taxi”. The “taxi” is a big floating ring device which ensures your safety and allows you to relax if you are feeling a little tired. These trips are available every day, leaving the marina at around 09.00am in the morning and returning at 16.00/4pm in the afternoon, with drinks and lunch available on the boat.
Hurghada: 3‑12 years: €23  /  13+ years: €28

Dolphin Spotting

What could be more exciting than swimming with dolphins? Our specialized snorkel guides will make your day special by offering you the amazing chance to see dolphins in their natural habitat whilst respecting the highest safety standards. Families, including children and non-swimmers are all welcome.
Hurghada: 3‑12 years: €23  /  13+ years: €45

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