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Shabrouhr Um Gammar South

Shabrouhr means “extension of…” or “close to…” So this is the extension of Um Gammar. It is a dive site with a wall on the east side and a plateau on the south side. The plateau is sloping from a depth of 15 meters close to the reef, down to a drop off around 30 meters.

Most dive centres do this dive from the mooring but a better choice is to drift from north to south. Since you are on the east side, it is best to do this as a morning dive. When you jump you find yourself next to a great wall. It is not necessary to go deep on this dive for the normal marine life, but there is a grey reef shark that is patrolling here on 25-30 meters. Cracks, small caves and overhangs invite interesting marine life and you often see moray eels and groupers along the way.

After a while a narrow shelf appears which then widens into a plateau. Now the reef turns right and you are at the south end of the reef. On the edge of the plateau, on about 30 meters, you can see the remaining of a small wreck. Pieces of it are scattered all the way across the plateau to where you find the funnel on 13 meters. This is the area where you find the shark most of the time but once in a while you can even meet him on the plateau under the boats. When you have passed the wreck it is time to ascend to the safety stop. At this depth there are a few narrow tunnels through the corner of the reef. Keep your eyes open for scorpionfish and stonefish until you see the mooring lines to your left.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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