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Shabrouhr Um Gammar East

Just like on Um Gammar, most of the dives on Shabrouhr Um Gammar take place on the south side. However, if conditions are right or you have a Zodiac accessible you can also make a extraordinary drift dive along the east side from the north end. The north is far less dived than the south and you often see turtles, tuna and sometimes even sharks here.

You start your dive exploring the north plateau, which gently slopes from 19 meters at the foot of the main reef to around 27 meters at the edge of the drop-off. There are some very pretty coral blocks here and exciting marine life. Remember to look out into the blue now and then.

The plateau turns into a vertical wall, temporarily interrupted by small bumps and overhangs on 35 meters. Large gorgonian fan corals and soft coral sway in the current and clouds of anthias drape the wall. With the right current and air consumption you can reach the south end of the reef and the moorings but you shouldn’t hurry to get there, take your time and enjoy. As you reach safety stop depth you find the reef cracked up by small caves and canyons where the sunlight play and creates a very photogenic atmosphere.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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