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Shaab Talata

This reef is also known as Tiffany or Gamilla Frida. Where this name comes from is not easy to guess. Maybe some of the earliest dive centres owners named it after a wife, girlfriend or a daughter. Shaab Talata is easier; it means "Reef Three".

The dive site is divided in two larger main reefs surrounded by smaller outcrops of coral and bommies. On the south side, where you find the moorings the diving is not very exciting due to the many snorkel boats that stop here every day. On the west side there is one pinnacle about thirty meters from the main reef where sometimes eagle rays pass by. Just around the west corner you find a swim-through at five meters in the next pinnacle. On the way to the channel between the two main blocks of the reef you can sometimes see an octopus walking around which makes Shaab Talata very suitable for night diving.

When you reach this channel you cross it and reach a coral block on the north side. From this point it is easy to find the way out to a third pinnacle (if you have a compass swim 210°) over the sandy bottom. This, in my eyes, is the best part of Shaab Talata. The pinnacle has two peaks, one bigger and one smaller. Under the bigger one there is a tunnel where you some times can see whitetip reef sharks sleeping.

After visiting this pinnacle you swim back to the main reef. With the reef on your right shoul der at the depth of 6 meters instead of closer to the bottom you will discover that there are three hills rather than one top. Between these you can enjoy a nice marine life while the area closer to the seabed is less alive. Follow the reef on the same depth back to the boat and you have made your safety stop.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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