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Shaab Eissa

The best way to describe the place would be to say: It is two reefs with a coral garden in between, lined up on an exact north west/south east axis. There are two mooring lines here, one on each reef, you will probably moor on the north western pinnacle. When you start your dive you are on a flat sandy bottom at 9 meters. The reef itself is has a hill like, two-peaked shape. Head out with the reef on your right shoulder and go all the way around untill you come up to the coral garden. Here you have a look at your compass and set off in south eastern direction. There is a lot to see on your way to the second reef. Under the coral blocks you often find blue spotted ribbon tailed rays, camouflaged scorpionfish and stone fish lure their prey. Also study the coral blocks for crustaceans like squat lobster and spider crab.

What you first notice as the second pinnacle comes in visual range, is a huge brain coral attached to the very end of the reef like a head. Some divers even describe this as looking like a big turtle resting on the bottom. When you reach the reef hold to your right, after a couple of fin kicks you find an overhang on 6 meters.

Go close and have a look; a big red soft coral hangs like a veil at the opening and inside a school of glassfish is finding shelter from predators. This makes a nice picture if you brought your camera! At the very end or the reef lies a dead table coral under which a crocodilefish often hides. Continue untill you see the big brain coral again and set the reciprocal north west bearing on your compass. Back at the first reef hold to your left and you are back at the boat.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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