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Shaab Arba

A.k.a Pytra or Petra
Shaab Arba means “Reef Four”. So we have a “Reef Three” and a “Reef Four”. I have asked around a little bit where about I could find “Reef One” and “Reef Two” but no one seems to know anything about it. There are however numerous small reefs in this area if anyone is interested in filling in the missing numbers

The reef itself actually is made out of two large oval-shaped pinnacles some 40 meters apart. There are mooring lines on both of them but it would be best to get one on the east pinnacle.

When you start your dive you are at 9 meters on the south side and this side is actually the best, so stick to it. There is no reason to swim around the pinnacles. At the west end of the first pinnacle you take a look at your compass and head out over the sandy bottom on 60° until you get the next pinnacle in visual range. You pass a few pretty coral blocks at 8 meters under way. When you reach the farther pinnacle, go on the south side and turn around at the west end. Take the same way back reciprocal bearing of 240°. In the fall you can find juvenile crocodilefish here so remember to look underneath coral blocks and table corals.

When you’re back at the eastern pinnacle, go on the south side. Now it is time for the best part of the dive, a small coral formation within visual range to the north east. This is a stunning piece of coral. It has got two small peaks and through one of them runs a tunnel. The whole block is covered with glassfish, antheas and silversides. Jacks and groupers are constantly hunting and making the schools move like clouds over a mountaintop. From here you just go back to the reef and you will see the mooring line.

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