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Erg Sabina

This is a small reef which has a lot to offer. This dive consists of the main reef and a smaller pinnacle a few minutes swim on the north side passing a beautiful coral garden on the way. To navigate you start with the reef on your right shoulder. Do not go too close but keep the reef in visual contact. Out here you have small coral blocks with an excellent marine life such as blue spotted ribbon tailed ray, eagle ray and sometimes turtle.

When you reach the north side you find a big dead table coral meaning it is time to turn left and go for a few minutes over a sandy seabed with coral blocks in various sizes.

Keep your eyes open for rays and turtles and spend some time around the pinnacle which is covered on soft corals. Often jackfish come and feed in schools of silversides and glassfish here meaning great action.

The area further away from the pinnacle is also nice with big and small blocks and a chance of eagle rays. On your way back you can go out to the hill-like coral garden to the west. Take your time and look closely for scorpion fish and stonefish and for small crustaceans like hermit crabs. This is a bit off the beaten track so make sure that you can find your way back to the main reef and the boat. The current is a good way to remember the direction.

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