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El Fanadir South

Like El Fanadir North, this is a typical shallow wall/plateau dive site. Close to the reef the depth is around 12-15 meters with a sloping shelf that stretches some 40m out to a depth of 18-20 meters. If the boat is moored inside the small lagoon and you will have to swim out through a shallow channel or be dropped for a drift further up north. Whatever you choose to do, you need to find your way back into the lagoon and the boat. Therefore someone thoughtful has put a big arrow made out of dead coral pieces on the bottom outside the la goon to show you the way. The boats take another way in and out of the lagoon a bit further south and when you pass this place you should take extra care of your buoyancy. A couple of fin kicks later you reach a coral block with a cleaning station close to the reef. Here you normally find groupers and moray eels lined up to have some work done by the cleaning wrasses and shrimps.

To go all the way out to the drop of is not necessary on this dive. You find most of the marine life close to the reef, around and underneath the coral blocks close to it. When to turn around is a matter of air consumption and the strength of the current. A good way to determine this is to have a look at the anthias or other small reef fish that are trying to hold their position over a certain coral block. In which direction they are facing and how hard they work is a good indicator of the direction and strength of the current. On your way back you can choose to enter the lagoon the same way as the boats do or through the channel you swam out through.

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