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El Fanadir North

The name comes from the fisherman slang "Fandeera" which means a rock sticking up from the sea. Along side this reef there is a plateau stretching on 12-18 meter getting wider and wider from north to south.

The best way to dive the north part of the reef is to drift. The boat drops you off and the current, which is normally coming from the north, takes you to the boat that is moored close to the reef. On the way you are more or less guaranteed to see octopus, moray eels, snake eels, stonefish and scorpionfish. This dive site is one of the best when it comes to great variation in marine life.

Halfway through the dive you reach a coral block where you find a cleaning station, where cleaning wrasses and cleaning shrimps help each other to pick parasites of groupers and morays. Most of the time you can also see a yellow mouth moray eel in a crack on the block’s west side. You will be amazed by the rich marine life here and do not be surprised if you bump in to a turtle or big tuna on the way, so remember to have a look out in the blue now and again. If you have sharp eyes look for the frogfish, sea dragon or sea horses.

When you reach the moorings you should take some time on the safety stop to have a look in the small cave, or overhang, where you most of the time find 10-12 lionfish and a frogfish hiding. Keep in mind that there are many mooring lines at this site, so you will have to know in which direction from this cave your boat will be.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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