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Torfa El Erg

A.k.a Carlson's Corner
El Erg is a huge reef with as many dive sites as there are dive guides in the area. Everybody has got their own little favourite spot. To the south east, at the very end of the reef-tongue is a dive site called Torfa El Erg also known as Carlson’s Corner.

If the current is really strong you might want to drift this dive but otherwise you can easily go from the mooring and come back again. When you drop down you will find yourself on a flat sandy bottom scattered with coral blocks next to a shallow wall at 8-10 meters. Head up north with the reef to your left and wander out to the east but keep the reef within visual distance for navigation. There is a beautiful big block worth exploring a few minutes up the reef.

As you progress further northwards the seabed transforms from mainly sandy to a semi-covered coral garden. At the same time the main reef turns from steep wall to more sloping and eventually the seafloor and the reef merges into a spectacular sloping coral garden cascading from the just below the surface to a depth of 16 mrters where it spreads out over the bottom. At this point the reef also makes a turn to the west. When it’s time to turn around you ascend to a slightly shallower depth and progressively make your way to the safety stop level. The top of the reef is full of cracks, small canyons and caves. In this area you find surgeonfish, tangs, parrotfish and on occasion moray eels, napoleon wrasse or turtle.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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