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El Erg - Poseidon

We are now at the south-west end of El Erg reef system, at a reef called Poseidon. Named after the God of the sea in Greek mythology, this dive site has a lot to live up to.

The moorings are placed at the south end of the reef and over a sandy bottom at 10m. The south side is not the most interesting part of the dive, but there is a nice coral garden just behind the boat. When you start your dive, going west, you pass the pinnacle at the corner and a spectacular coral garden lies in front of you. First head out from the reef and you find a beautiful pinnacle at 12 meters. Further northwest another one at 13 meters and the next one on 14 meters. Now swim north and slowly move closer to the reef until you find yourself at 12 meters on the north end.

The east side has less to offer so stay on the west. The first thing you notice on the way back south are huge brain corals cascading down the sloping side of the reef. From this point and back to the boat you may just as well stay on the safety stop depth since the reef wall, the light here, and the view is absolutely amazing.

It also allows you to see how a coral garden, over time, becomes a reef. You will see coral growing on top of coral, on top of coral, on top of coral, and so on. When you have about 10 minutes to the boat you will see the coral garden change into sandy bottom again. When you come around the corner you can recognize the pinnacle. Look up and you will see the boat.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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