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El Erg - Light House

There are two light houses, or fanous (beacon) on El Erg; one to the north and one to the south-east. The eastern one makes a perfect landmark for a dive site called… surprise, surprise… Light House! This dive site almost overlaps and merges with the dive site just to the south “Torfa El Erg” and on a day with a good current it might be a good idea to combine the two in one long drift, providing your gas consumption allows that. On a normal day you can dive from the mooring just as well as make it as a drift.

The shallow part is similar to the west side of Poseidon Reef. There are huge brain coral heads cascading down the side of the reef like a sloping coral garden. Here and there sand patches break up the coral growth that otherwise almost covers the entire seabed. At 10-12 meters of depth the reef side meets the bottom and a shelf extends until it finally plunges into deeper water. There is no need to wander too far out here. The feature of the dive is the pristine hard coral above 12 meters.

When it comes to marine life encounters there are a few big schools of bannerfish and goatfish hanging around next to the reef. Yellow margin moray eels and giant morays are quite common as well as different species of nudibranches. Now and then you have napoleon wrasses passing by and if you are lucky you might bump into a turtle. Spend your safety stop exploring the small cavities in the reef for crustaceans like banded cleaner shrimps and spider crabs.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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