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El Aroug - Twile

A.k.a Maksour
The names of the dive sites in the El Aroug reef system has been debated for ever and to be honest the original Arabic names they got from Egyptian fishermen has probably been mixed up with the Names given to the sites by early days dive guides. Aroug is the plural for erg which in Arabic means pinnacle. Maksour means broken or cracked and this refers on this site to a part of the reef with a crack though it.

Your boat is moored up on one of several lines so the planning of the dive really has to be done when you know where you’re parked and the conditions like in which way the current goes. This changes from day to day, do not believe someone telling you that “the current always comes from the north”.

However you plan the dive and which rout you take you will pass the same main features at one point or another. There are two larger ergs to the north around which you’re almost guaranteed to find a stone fish. There is one smaller erg with a tunnel you can easily swim through and there are small outcrops of coral all over the flat sandy bottom to explore. The area is best known for stonefish and scorpionfish but you also find octopus, sea moths and Moses sole if you keep an eye out.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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