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El Aroug - Ras Hosan

A.k.a Twile
The name Ras Hozan means “Horse Head” and this name comes from a rather peculiar coral formation which, with some imagination resembles a head of a horse. Actually this is the first feature you come across if your boat is tied up on the southern mooring line. If you swim too the side of the pinnacle you can see horse.

Around the pinnacles the seabed is mainly flat sand sprinkled by outcrops of coral and here we find schools of butterflyfish and goatfish, bluespotted rays and free swimming moray eels, gobies with shrimps and sometimes sea moths or Red Sea walkman. In the extension of this erg towards the north a funny shaped pinnacle. It’s round and slightly curved rather than vertical. When you arrive at this pinnacle you are close to the edge of the plateau that is the base for the entire reef system and you can see the seafloor sloping into deeper water to the north-west.

Turn east and you will pass first one pinnacle, then a coral ridge and then between two more pinnacles before ending up at an area with blinding white san and three coral blocks. Here you often find a huge shoal of silverside sweeping like a cloud in mid-water and trevallies chasing them around. This is a spectacular show. From here you decide route back depending on air supply. If you keep the pinnacles in visual distance on your right hand side and swim back over the flat sandy bottom you will end up back underneath the boat.

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