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El Aroug - Gigi

The whole reef system of El Aroug Twile forms a line of pinnacles balances and balances on the edge of a slender plateau running in a southwest/north-east axis. Depending on how you divide the area in portions there are numerous variations of dives sites, with a numerous suggested names. In this book I choose to describe the three most common dives in El Aroug – Gigi, Ras Hozan and Diana. In the middle of the reef system there are two larger ergs and here two of the dives, Diana and Ras Hosan somewhat overlap. There are as many routes here as there are dive guides in Hurghada, there is no “right way” to dive these sites. The name Gigi is one of the easier to track in the area. The site is named after Luigi “Gigi” Ferrari, one of the most legendary Dive Pros in Egypt.

There are normally two mooring lines on the south side of the larger pinnacles. AS you jump in here you will have around 10 meters to descend before you reach a flat sandy sea floor beautifully sprinkled by outcrops of coral. Depending on the current, that actually can be quite strong here and come from any direction, you plan your dive differently. The pinnacles are all beautiful enough and have such a vibrant and diverse marine life, that any single one of them is worth a dive alone.

What you can see here is of course similar to Ras Hozan and Diana so keep an eye out for stonefish, scorpionfish, crocodilefish, octopus and sea moths. On top of this you often see rays of different sorts plus from time to time a zebra shark.

If you don’t feel comfortable with under water navigation you should probably go with a guide here since it’s easy to get amazed by the beauty of the reef and forget about directions.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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