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Abu Ramada West Garden

West Garden is a dive site on the west side of the Island of Abu Ramada, from the north end and as far south as your air consumption allows. This is a drift dive that begins with the boat moored and the pick up is done standby - with the boat moving. The dive master will probably try to set you up in buddy teams according to air consumption and send you up to your safety stop in pairs when it is time. This means that you may have to be experienced enough to send up an SMB plus catch the boat and climb the ladder in rough conditions. On a calm day this may not seem like a big ordeal but if the wind picks up while you are under water… In the Red Sea the weather changes fast sometimes.

Close to the wall the depth is between 10 and 12 meters and the shelf is sloping toward the drop-off which plunges into the abyss from around 18 meters. When you ascend this should be done as close to the reef as possible to avoid the boat traffic. Signal OK to the boat and wait for the signal back. If you have an SMB you should keep this inflated. This makes it easier for the captain to manoeuvre the boat for the pick up. Swim out from the reef when the crew signal so the boat does not have to come too close.

If you choose to make a normal dive from the mooring and back you will also have a very nice dive over the plateau. Just make sure that you do not swim too far over to the east side since the current can make it difficult for you to make it back.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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