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Abu Ramada North Plateau

This is likely to be the most beautiful dive you have experienced in a while. On the north tip of the Island of Abu Ramada a plateau stretches out from the depth of 22 meters at the foot of the reef, down to a depth of 35 meters at the north end. As the current generally comes from the north with nutrient water the marine life on this plateau is extremely rich. The current can be a bit tricky here though and sometimes it comes from the south or southeast, which makes the dive difficult.

This site should be drifted but since the current can work against you, make a current check before deciding on the final plan or drop halfway to the end of the plateau so you can asses the current in the beginning of the dive so you can choose heading back to the boat or towards the north end depending on the conditions. Either way you should follow the edge of the drop off. Big fish like whitetip reef shark, grey reef shark, even silvertip shark have been seen here. Turtles often swim along the drop off and the wall is covered with gorgonians and soft coral. Look out in the blue water for schools of barracudas, jacks, and tuna. Even a group of up to twelve eagle rays have been known to block out the sunlight once in a while.

If you descend a bit below the edge you find caves and chimneys big enough to swim through and long whip corals reaching out in the open sea. This is an amazing dive and, as you surely understand, one of my personal favourites in the area.

Monitor you air and time continually and follow the drop off back to the boat, down south. When you reach the main reef you have about 15 minutes left. As you swim back it may be a good idea to ascend to your safety stop depth. This last part of the dive is as beautiful as the plateau and you may want to save some air for this. When your surroundings all of a sudden turns into black and white you know that you are at the mooring lines.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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