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Gota Abu Ramada West

Here we have another Gota, and probably the most famous Gota in the Hurghada area. Some dive centres call the whole reef Aquarium but Aquarium is actually only a small part of the east side. There are several moorings at this dive site so where you start your dive is hard to say. That it will be on a depth of 10-12 meters is without a doubt though. The main features on this dive are two satellite pinnacles and a plastic shark.

Start your dive by having a look at the Shark Monument put here by HEPCA and then continue around the satellite Erg straight to the west. Around this area you sometimes meet a turtle that is used to divers and allows you to come quite close. Next stop awaits straight up north and is a three-peaked pinnacle in visual range from the first erg and main reef. This is very rich in marine life and is worth some time. Cracks, holes and overhangs give shelter for glassfish while jacks and lionfish are hunting on schools of silversides. If you have an under water videocamera you will probably stay here for a while; there is a lot of action going on. From here you can swim in a wide curve back to the main reef.

The main reef has three tongues that you will pass. Then you will be swimming south west on your way back along the reef side. All the way here you will see big schools of goat fish, banner fish, butterfly fish and sweetlips. At the surface on the top of the reef you have surgeonfish, cornet fish and maybe barracuda.

Depending on where you are moored you may see your boat from here or maybe you have to go back to the reef and follow the wall a bit further east.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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