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Gota Abu Ramada North

Most dive operators and dive guides think of Gota Abu Ramada as either the east or the west side but if you swing the map around and watch the reef from the north you find that one of the best options actually is to dive the north side. As a drift dive this reef is an absolutely fantastic experience. First you check the current to make sure the boat will wait for you on the right side. Personally I prefer to go to the west so this is the dive I describe here.

There is a small pinnacle with two peaks just to the north of the main reef. You start your dive by jumping in at this spot and explore, first the pinnacle itself and then the flat area in to the west before heading south towards the main reef. With a bit of luck you might bump into an eagle ray, a turtle or even a zebra shark along the way. When you’re back at the foot of the reef you turn west and put the wall on left shoulder. Along the way you will find the side of the reef change in shape from a sloping coral garden to steep wall to sandy canyons. At the west end of the reef you check your NDL and gas consumption to make the decision weather to swim around the pinnacles or to follow the top reef. Safety stop is done as the last minutes swimming next to the reef.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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