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Gota Abu Ramada East

Gota Abu Ramada East is a fantastic dive site. The amount of fish you will see here during one single dive will no doubt amaze you. If you are lucky the boat will moor at the east end of the reef, otherwise you will have to swim along the not so interesting south side.

To start the dive it is best to swim straight out over the sandy bottom from the south side at 9 meters. After a few fin kicks you will see the first of three pinnacles on your route. This is very pretty and worth a good look but do not waist too much time here, there is still a lot to come. Turn left and continue north. After a few minutes you see two more pinnacles next to each other. The right one has an overhang and all around it you will see antheas, silversides and lionfish. A few metres towards the reef the next pinnacle raises like a big boxing glove. Here you also find antheas and lionfish, silversides and jacks and on the backside a school of banner fish often hangs around. From here you can see the main reef again.

Swim with the reef on your left shoulder and after a while you see big brain corals cascade down from the top of the reef and out over the sandy bottom. This is the place originally named “Aquarium”. Great schools of fish find sanctuary here, banner fish, masked butterfly fish, sweetlips and snappers are only a few of the species that gave “Aquarium” it’s name. At the northern part of this area you are at about 14 meters depth.

Follow the reef untill it is time to turn around. You can wait a little bit longer because on your way back to the boat you will take a shorter and shallower route. When you are back at “Aquarium” you swim up into the maze formed by the big brain corals. Most likely you will have the current in your back helping you. Take your time and cruise through this dramatic under water landscape. The feeling of being on a different planet is not far away. Exiting the maze at the south side you know where you are and where to find your boat.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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