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Gota Abu Nugar

Here we have another Gota “A piece of reef not far from…” As in many reef systems there are quite a few Gotas around Abu Nugar, so different Dive Centres may have their own Gota here. There are two different depths around this reef; the north, west and south sides are shallower than the east side that is a few meters deeper. Running as an extension of the east side you find a little drop off dividing the two levels.

When you start your dive you will be over the shallow part on the south side, but after a few minutes you will pass a small coral block on 9m and then swim out over the deeper east side to 12 meters. The reef slope itself is what is interesting here. The seabed further out is mainly sandy bottom so stay close to the reef. Just before you are about to turn west up the slope to 9 meters again, you will see a big brain coral and a few table corals on the top of the reef. As you are going further west the bottom turns into a coral garden. On the west side, on 8 meters, the reef makes a couple of turns to form two bays. After the second bay you can turn west and have a look at three pinnacles before following the south side back to the boat.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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