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Aroug Abu Nugar

Aroug is plural for Erg, which means pinnacle, and here we have a small area with many pinnacles. The south side of the reef is almost a straight wall while the north is divided in two pieces by a V-shaped crack, which makes it form a lying “capital B”.

You will start your dive from the mooring on the south side at 12 meters, then head out with the reef on your right shoulder until you reach the west end. From here you can see the first of a series of pinnacles at 10 meters. From there you have the next two, beside each other, in visual range. There are lots of small caves and overhangs where you often find a big grouper hanging around.

Continue North West and you reach a wider pinnacle followed by another smaller one. Now you can choose between going further up north, where you will find a few really pretty coral blocks, and then take the same way back. Or, you could turn east out over the coral garden with its many table corals and then south to the north face of the main reef. Either way, you will be on the north side, passing the big crack, ending up at a coral block at the east end of the reef. A few fin kicks south east from this point you will see a shadow taking shape in the blue distance. This is the best part of the dive, a pinnacle at 14 meters that seems like an explosion in colour and life. It’s worth saving time for this by excluding some other part of the dive if your air consumption does not allow you to do all of it. From here you can either swim straight back in easterly direction to the boat, or you can go back to the reef to follow the south side.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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