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Marsa Abu Galawa

Marsa is a word that can mean harbour in Arabic. It can also mean a little bay or a lagoon. Here it probably means the little lagoon you can use as a natural harbour in the reef, which is exactly what local fishermen used to do. This is also what many dive boats are doing now.

The moorings are placed on the sandy bottom just inside the entrance of the lagoon. Here you have a depth of 5 meters and the seabed is more or less dead except from some sea grass with sea horses. However there are a few things to look at before you head out towards the drop off. Directly under the boat on the first line you see a coral block where you are more or less guaranteed to find at least one or two stonefish and in the channel a marbled snake eel has made its home in the sand.

On your way out to the drop off you pass a few table corals but mostly it is a sandy bottom. The closer to the drop off you get, the more life you see. On the edge at 16 meters small towers of hard coral are cascading down the slope. Out here it is not unusual to see turtles, moray eels and groupers. After following the edge up north for a few minutes look left and on the flat sandy bottom you should find an eel garden on 14 meters. Now you can either continue on the edge until it is time to turn around, or you can go shallower towards the reef and get a longer dive.

The reef wall, which goes from 9 meters to just below the surface, offers some nice encounters with moray eels and scorpionfish and further up north you find a small cave with glassfish. On your way back you know that it is time for safety stop when you see two small brain corals close to each other on the seabed. Just before you leave the reef to swim out to the boat you may find one or two more stonefish resting.

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