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Habili Abu Galawa

A.k.a Anchor
This dive site consists of a long series of pinnacles at the edge of the plateau. If you take a look from the boat you will be able to see the whole dive. The boat moors on an old anchor that lays on the bottom with a heavy chain attached to it. Right under the boat you have a pinnacle, which is very pretty. However; sometimes inexperienced Dive Masters choose to attach the mooring to the chain instead of the anchor, which means that when the boat move with the waves the chain is dragged around. Obviously this causes damage to the reef.

You can dive Habili in many different ways. Depending on your air consumption you may choose either to swim around the three bigger pinnacles in the east or go for the whole trip from the north end to the southwest. Some divers even have air to take a lap around the bigger reef close to Gota Abu Galawa in the south.

In the north there is a group of smaller pinnacles, on the edge to the slope there are two more. Further south you find a “fish-shaped” bigger reef a bit away from the edge, where you often find schooling goatfish. Directly thereafter you will find two connected blocks with a cleaning station where you can have your nails manicured by crafty cleaning shrimps. You can also find coral crabs hidden in cracks and cavities. Next you see a longer pinnacle pointing in the direction of the boat with table corals on the north side and a big lettuce coral on the south side. If you follow the way it points you pass a two-topped pinnacle halfway to the anchor with the mooring. If you still have air left, go left and have a look at the group of pinnacles in the south before ascending. This is a nice dive site because of the many options but use your navigation skills so you do not loose your bearings.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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