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Gota Abu Galawa

Gota Abu Galawa is one of those dive sites that the location varies from guide to guide. Since there are so many small reefs in the area, and all of them are “Gotas”, which just means “piece of…” Different dive centres have their own “Gota”.

On this Gota, just south of Habili there are four mooring lines on the southeast side of the main reef. You could choose to follow the reef northeast with the wall on your left shoulder. You will probably like to start a bit out on the shelf passing a couple of really nice pinnacles. With low air consumption you could circle the small reef at the south end of the Habili-dive. Another option is to head off south west from the mooring and follow the reef as it forms three tongues sticking out surrounded by sandy bottom. This area offers little when it comes to marine life but a bit further south a beautiful coral garden opens up with ridges and sand patches in between. You are now at 10 meters about 20 minutes from the boat depending on the current. A few more minutes south west you will find two canyons with a sandy bottom divided by coral ridges. The first canyon rests on 16 meters the other on 20 meters. Unless you’ve got a compass it may be a good idea to make mental notes on the way out so you find your way back to the main reef. Also note the current’s direction and strength to decide when to turn and go back to the boat the same way.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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