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PADI EANx Nitrox Course & eLearning - FAQ

What is enriched air diving?

The most common use of nitrox mixtures containing oxygen in higher proportions than atmospheric air is in scuba diving, where the reduced partial pressure of nitrogen is advantageous in reducing nitrogen uptake in the body's tissues, thereby extending the practicable underwater dive time by reducing the decompression requirement, or reducing the risk of decompression sickness (also known as the bends).

What is the primary benefit of diving with enriched air?

The primary benefit of using enriched air nitrox is that it exposes you to less nitrogen than diving with air. This means, longer allowable bottom time and reduced no decompression limits compared to diving with air.

What are the prerequisites to take a nitrox course?

You must:
  • have a valid PADI Open Water Diver certification
  • be 12 years of age or older
  • be comfortable with your equipment

PADI EANx Nitrox Course eLearning

The PADI Nitrox eLearning adds the ease and convenience of tablet-based learning, allowing you to access the PADI course materials, manual and other content while offline before you arrive to do your diving. Make sure you download before coming to Egypt for best speed and to save on your roaming internet.

What does our PADI Nitrox eLearning package include?

This fully interactive platform includes the PADI EANx Manual, instruction videos, Knowledge Reviews and Certification Exams within one product.

After I take the exam online, what do I need to do to be certified?

You will have a practical session with your PADI instructor at Colona Divers as well as two optional dives (not included in the course price). During the practical session you will:
  • discuss managing oxygen exposure
  • practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank
  • set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox

What do I need to use the PADI Nitrox eLearning?

For Use On: Apple iOS- and Android-based devices. Runs in a web browser on PC/Mac in IE or Chrome Internet: Necessary for download to the PADI Library App, online eBook access, to submit Knowledge reviews. Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian & Spanish (Language chosen by candidate upon registration).

How does this differ from the taking the PADI PADI Enriched Air Diver course without eLearning?

Instead of reading the manual and completing the knowledge reviews when you arrive to Egypt, you can study the material at your convenience anytime you want, as long as it is completed prior to doing the dives. This essentially saves you a lot of time and allows you time to study the material more thoroughly. Apart from this everything else about the course will be the same and your diving experience will be even better and less time consuming saving you time on your vacation for something else. Maybe time for more dives!

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