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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver & eLearning - FAQ


  • Must be Open Water Diver certified
  • Must be in good health (Divers with a history of medical illness must obtain a certificate from a doctor allowing them to dive
  • Must be 10 years or older

How the Advanced course different from the PADI Open Water Diver?

During the PADI Open Water Diver Course you learn the critical skills needed for scuba diving during your Knowledge Development, confined water dives and open water dives. During your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, you will complete 5 Adventure Dives which focuses on a particular activity or skill. Padi have outlined the differences between these two courses in more detail in this blog here.

What should I expect?

First of all, you should expect to have a lot of fun while completing your Advanced Open Water Course, and expect to become a more skilled and more confident diver.

More specifically, though what should I expect?

Well, for each Adventure Dive, you will be required to complete a theory portion – this can be done at home via PADI eLearning or in a classroom setting. You’ll also need to complete some basic knowledge reviews to ensure you have a sound knowledge of the theory behind each dive.

The Advanced Open Water course is made up of five adventure dives. The Deep Adventure Dive and the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive are compulsory and will give you some essential skills to become a more competent diver. You also get to choose another three Adventure Dives to help build your skill set.

What Adventure Dives should I Choose?

As mentioned, the Deep Adventure Dive and the Underwater Navigation Adventure dive are required components of the Advanced Open Water course. The other three Adventure Dives however can be any of the PADI Adventure Dives that is chosen by your instructor together with you. Options range from Digital Underwater Imaging, to Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift Dive or Wreck Diver.

Why should I take this course?

The Advanced Open Water course gives you more experience diving under the supervision of an instructor. You’ll learn new skills, meet new people and of course go diving! This course is also a great way to sample the different specialties on offer to see what interests you.

It is often a requirement with many dive operators around the world, including Colona Divers, that you have an Advanced Open Water certification before you will be allowed to:
  • dive below 20m
  • go on night dives
  • join in on a wreck dive
If you’ve still got questions, let us know we’ll get back to you.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning Lite

The PADI Advanced Diver Course Digital LITE Certification Pak adds the ease and convenience of tablet-based learning, allowing you to access the PADI course materials; manual, and other content while offline and before you arrive.

What does PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning Lite include?

  • Adventures In Diving Digital Lite Manual
  • Adventures in Diving Multipurpose Data Carrier (PDF)
  • eTraining Dive Log

What do I need to use PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning Lite

? For Use On: Tablets, mobile devices and computers Compatibility: Apple iOS- and Android-based devices; Windows and OS X operating systems Internet: Necessary for download to the PADI Library App, online eBook access,to submit Knowledge reviews. Languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish (student to choose the language during the registration process)

Do I need an internet connection?

This is only necessary for the initial download to the PADI Library App, to submit Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes and to Log Training Dives on ScubaEarth.

Why is this better than taking the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course without eLearning?

Instead of reading the manual and completing the knowledge reviews when you arrive to Egypt, you can study the material at your convenience anytime you want, as long as it is completed prior to doing the dives. This essentially saves you alot of time and allows you time to study the material more thoroughly. Apart from this everything else about the course will be the same and your diving experience will be even better and less time consuming saving you time on your vacation for something else. Maybe time for more dives!

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