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Ungousch East

Sometimes you have time for a second dive on Ungousch or maybe the weather dictates that you wait a day before diving on Abu Nuhas. Then the east side of the reef system is an excellent choice. Less dived than the west side the corals are in mint condition.

The dive is ideally made as a drift but is good also going out from the mooring and back. When you roll in from the Zodiac you have a wall that drops down to about 8m and then turns in to a steep slope before landing on a flat sandy bottom on 35 meters. Of course it depends on how strong the current is how far up the reef you choose to roll in, but somewhere in the beginning of the dive you will pass two big boulders of coral at around 22 metres depth. Take your time here and go close. The macro life is extraordinary.

Further down south the wall/slope gives way to a narrow shelf that progressively widens up and becomes the plateau that extends in a southern direction from the end of the reef. In this area you are likely to have fusiliers sweeping the side of the reef, often chased by tunas and trevallies.

Turtles are occasional visitors here and barracudas patrol out in the blue. Stonefish and scorpionfish lure along the wall while lionfish and groupers are attacking glassfish and silversides from all directions. As you get up to safety stop depth you will find plenty of cracks and cavities where cleaning shrimps brush up gills and teeth. This is not the most commonly used dive site in the area but it’s for sure worth a dive.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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