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Siyoul Sorayer

Siyoul Sorayer means Small Siyoul. This is a slightly larger reef than Siyoul Kebir but the islands on top of the reef are smaller, hence the names. You will be amazed by the amount of marine life around the south east corner of this reef.

Rolling in from the zodiac a few hundred metres up on the north side you find yourself on a plateau that starts on 15 meters next to the main reef. There is no need to venture all the way to the drop-off, it’s better to stay on the NDL– and air-economical 20 meters and above.

The initial part of the dive over the plateau offers a few special coral encounters. On a coral-ridge a forest of whip coral is grandly swaying in the current, a few fin kicks later, at 20 meters a big Siphonogorgia makes an irresistible photo subject and next in line; a huge gorgonian moves in rhythm with the swells above. Coming up shallower you arrive at one of those places where you stop fining and say “Wow”. Here the main reef is more like a slope than a wall and vast schools of blackspotted sweetlips, silver sweetlips, bluelined snappers and fusiliers literally take your breath away. If you’re lucky enough to come here during plankton season you will have action beyond your wildest imagination.

Two large coral blocks sit on the flat sandy bottom about 30m away from the main reef right on the eastern corner. Take a tour around them and find a big school of silversides like a cloud sweeping around the block. There is a cavity packed with glassfish that are under constant attack from lionfish, scorpionfish, trevally and rainbow runners. If you ever consider getting a under water housing for your video camera, this place might finally make you take that decision. Swim back to the main reef and make your safety stop together with numerous blennies gobies and hawkfish.

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