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Siyoul Shabrouhr (West Corner)

A.k.a Blind Reef
Shabrouhr Siyoul is a long slender reef running on an almost exact east-west axis encircled by a wide plateau. The north side of the plateau starts on 1922 meters and it’s segmented by coral ridges stretching from the main reef towards the drop-off. The hard coral foundation of the reef might not be the best in the Red Sea here but the great quantity of soft coral growth is breath-taking. Whether you are at the east or the west side, a dive from the mooring and back to the boat is just as enjoyable as a drift around the corner. Also, this might be the best option during windy days when the waves are breaking over the north side and a zodiac dive is not safe.

This side is best to dive as a drift. Roll in on the north side at the base of the wall you find huge table corals incrusted by soft coral and clouds of anthias. At the very eastern corner a large coral block is inhabited by a big school of glassfish and a redmouth grouper protecting them from constant attacks by trevallies and lionfish. Endemic to the northern Red Sea the Arabian smoke-angelfish (Apolemichthys Xanthotis) appear in surprisingly big numbers at this corner.

Continuing south around the end of the reef it might be a good idea to check your depth gauge frequently. The depth at the base of the wall is getting greater at the same ratio that you should get shallower. The condition of the hard coral and especially the firecoral, is slightly better on the side south side than on the north side. Spend some time on the shallow part at the end of the dive. Here you can find some really cool marine life. Exploring holes and crevices you see dart gobies, dottybacks, pixie hawkfish and if you’re lucky, a comet!

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