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Siyoul Shabrouhr (East Corner)

Rolling in from the Zodiac on the west side is a somewhat different experience than on the east side. Here the wall doesn’t land on a plateau but rather a bottle-neck shaped profile at the depth of 25 meters. Be aware of the depth as it rapidly increases and soon the abyss is all you have beneath.

There are a few really beautiful coral blocks full of marine life along the wall and as you come around the west corner you’ll find the wall itself covered in a purple haze of soft coral. In an exactly westerly direction a deep plateau is reaching out in the open sea. Make sure you take a bearing of the reef if you venture out there, especially if the current comes from any other direction than straight from the west.

Before it’s time to move up to a shallower depth there is one more feature, two small coral towers next to each other on 20 meters just before the wall makes its final turn to the east. They are hollow inside with cracks and open ings, the perfect home for a big school of glassfish. Around the blocks swarms of silversides move swiftly from side to side to avoid hungry predators like mackerel, trevally and grouper.

The south side begins like a sheer wall with a slight “bottle-neck” on around 30 meters later widening out to a narrow shelf. All along there are huge table corals and small coral formations sticking out. About halfway from west to east there is a coral ridge coming up from the deep up to 15 meters and here the plateau starts that surrounds the east corner. This is also likely to be where it’s time for you to move towards your safety stop.

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