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Ras Siyoul

The small plateau at the east end of Siyoul Kebir hosts some very impressive marine life. The main reef is a shallow wall emerging from a depth of 10-12 meters Sprinkled with coral blocks this plateau is a sloping sandy bottom that ends at a drop-off at 20-22 meters.

The main land mark here is two hill-shaped coral ridges situated at the middle of the plateau. Here you find the mooring line attached to the seabed. The current is quite often hauling here and it might be a good idea to check how it’s running before entering the water. To the south of these ridges you find table corals and beautiful coral blocks spread out all over the seafloor. Here you should keep your eyes out for the resident zebra shark (Stegostoma Fasciatum) resting in the sand and hawksbills turtles feeding from the soft corals. If you’ve got good eyesight and fair portion of luck you might even find the local frogfish. On the north side there is a small pinnacle at 12m depth inhabited by cleaning wrasses eager to give you a manicure. If you didn’t see the zebra shark to the south it’s likely to be resting up here.

If the current is strong don’t fight it. Let yourself be carried along the plateau and around the corner where the reef turns into a steep wall. Just make sure you’re not too far out on the plateau. Stay close to the main reef for navigation. If you’re at the dropoff it can be a struggle not to get swept away as the current is passing the end of the reef and then continues into the open sea. Better then to be in the vicinity of the reef already when you reach 80 bar so you know you’ll be on the wall when it’s time for your safety stop.

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