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Siyoul Fandira

At the absolute north end of the reef surrounding the island of Siyoul Sorayer a small fasma, or channel through the reef leads into a lagoon with a few mooring lines. The dive site is called Fandira due to the rocks on top of the reef just south of the fasma. You can drift this site from the north and swim back to the lagoon with the reef on your right shoulder or you can dive from the boat stationary on the mooring and back.

If you opt for the stationary dive you head out through the fasma which is divided in the middle by a small erg. As you pass this point it’s a good idea to turn around and look back. What you see then is what it will look like when you’re coming back and this is good to know as it can be a bit discombobulating navigating between numerous similar coral formations.

On the outside you start with exploring you plateau while slowly moving towards the south. Stay at a maximum depth of 25 meters and you will shortly find yourself at the bottom end of a sloping coral garden. Now follow this garden up west and you will be back at the main reef. With the wall on your left shoulder you will automatically get back into the lagoon and the moorings.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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