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Malag Gubal South

Malag means spoon or spoon-shaped. In the name Malag Gubal it means “The Bend” in the reef. Though diveable in most conditions the dive site is quite exposed to the weather. Strong currents are common and sometimes you will find the direction change during the dive. The best way to plan this dive is starting from the boat; descend while heading for the steep wall to the west.

Follow the wall with the reef on your right shoulder and cross out over the sandy slope. On a depth of 14-18 meters you find some very beautiful coral blocks leading to the next feature. Cautiously swimming out over the sandy slope on 25 meters you will see an area with hundreds of garden eels swaying in the current, waiting for food to swim into their open mouths. After the eel garden it’s time to move up to a shallower depth and from here it’s only a few fin kicks before you reach an extensive ridge that slopes down to 30 meters.

Large table corals stick out all over this beautiful coral formation. At the end you find another sandy slope leading up to the main reef and another coral ridge cascading down. At the bottom you will find a few coral blocks surrounded by glassfish, silverside, lionfish and groupers. As you come up shallower, a plateau comes into view. Make your way to the main reef over a slanting plateau sprinkled with coral blocks. At 8-10 meters, where the main reef takes over the condition of the hard coral is absolutely world class. Here you’ll have a safety stop worthy of a special entry in your log book.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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