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Malag Gubal North

Depending on the current and general conditions around Malag Gubal you might choose to dive to north of the mooring. One option is to jump in from, and return to the boat but you can also take the Zodiac up north and roll in for a drift dive. Whichever the conditions suggests you will have a pleasant dive with a lot of interesting marine life. If you go from the mooring you will find a slanting wall underneath the boat and a sandy slope that bear a resemblance to a ski slope. Swim out over the sand and slow down at a depth of 20 metres. Cautiously continue a few metres and find an eel garden swaying rather graciously in rhythm with the water movement. When you leave, be careful not to scare the eels down into their burrows as divers behind you then wouldn’t get a chance to see them. Turn north and work yourself progressively shallower with the reef on your left shoulder. Keep an eye out for larger marine life in the blue to your right as it happens that tunas, dolphins, even mantas pass by here.

Further up north the steep slope gives way to a slanting coral garden that starts next to the main wall at 14 metres and tumbles down to 22-25 metres where a drop off again plunges down into deeper water. Turtles are not rare to encounter here as well as free swimming moray eels. Large gorgonian fan corals and some quite nice coral bummies spread out over the slope makes this part of the dive fascinating and for the sharp eyed diver; a challenge to find long nosed hawkfish and other well inconspicuous marine life like scorpionfish and stonefish.

Make sure you keep an eye on your depth and air consumption, because it’s easy to track of both due to the angle of this coral garden. Turn around on 100 bar and make way back towards the boat along the shallow wall. Here you will discover hard coral in absolute mint condition. Sometimes you can also have big trevallies or tunas shooting in and out, hunting in schools of fusiliers. This provides the safety stop with some action beyond imagination.

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