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Shaab El Erg - West Drift

On the west tip of the El Erg there is channel between the main reef and a reef called Shaab El Erg, or Dolphin House. This is a wonderful drift dive with a wall that goes to 13 meters and a shelf sloping towards the drop off at 18-20 meters where you get your depth if this is your first dive for the day.

Start the dive over the plateau and work yourself closer to the wall in your own pace. When you have about 10 minutes to the channel you will find three pinnacles close to one another starting with the bigger one then a smaller one and finally the smallest. After a few minutes you pass a lonely pinnacle and then two brain corals. At this point you head out from the channel till you find four pinnacles lined up leading you back into the lagoon over a beautiful coral garden with many table corals as main feature.

Make sure that you have air left to spend some time in the channel and the coral garden, because this is a stunning part of the dive. Also there is a good chance for diving with dolphins at this point. Sometimes they are already there when you come in with the boat and you jump in from the mooring to play with them in the 6 meters deep lagoon, rather than going for the drift.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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