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Shaab Abu Nuhas North East

A.k.a Shark Point
If the weather won’t allow you to dive any of the wrecks on the windy and wavy exposed north side, a drift along the east side is a fully acceptable alternative. In fact, the site is so rarely dived that the condition of the reef is exceptional. Basically it’s an 18-20 meters deep wall that lands on a shelf that’s gently sloping down to an edge at 30-35 meters where it drops off into deeper water. You can begin the dive by exploring the plateau where a ridge reaches out towards the drop off. Schooling butterflyfish and bannerfish inhabit this area together with Arabian smoke angelfish, often seen swimming in threesomes.

As you come gradually shallower and closer to the reef you find big outcrops of coral flourishing with a very rich marine life. At the base of the wall lays a cover for a life raft that might come from one of the more recent wrecks on the north side. When it’s time for safety stop you will be amazed by the condition of the coral on the shallow part.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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