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Shaab Abu Nuhas - Kimon M

A.k.a Lentil wreck.
The German cargo ship Kimon M was on route from Iskenderun in Turkey to Bombay with a load of 4.500 tons of lentils. After leaving the Suez Canal behind the Captain stayed on the bridge for nearly two days straight to safely navigate the ship through the narrow Gulf of Suez. When the landmasses on both sides started to fall back into the horizon and the straights of Gubal opened up ahead, he finally went for some well deserved rest below. The next thing he knows is that his boat is now fast aground.

Kimon M is likely to be the least dived wreck at Shaab Abu Nuhas but still an enjoyable dive. Resting on her starboard side and with the major part of the hull collapsed she is far from what we call intact but there are plenty of penetration options. In the stern-section, the holds offer an easy swim-through and the engine room is fairly undamaged as well as the superstructure. The bow section however is more or less crushed.

Big thanks to Anders "Samaka" Jälmsjö ( for the site map and description.

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