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Gota Abu Nuhas

When liveaboards stay at Shaab Abu Nuhas over night they often go for a night dive at Gota Abu Nuhas. Normally the boats are moored up between the Gota and the main reef so it is possible to dive from the boat and back again. However, for this adventure you need to have good air consumption. Better then to take the Zodiac out and swim back to the boat. Drop at the north west side about 20 meters out from the top of the reef and find yourself on top of a beautiful sloping coral garden that meets the reef on the depth of 7-8 meters. Further out, where you get down to 16-18 meters and you can see big schools of yellowtail barracudas and surgeonfish. On the outcrops of coral you often see stonefish and scorpionfish.

As you reach the channel that leads to the lagoon you may find the current picking up since it’s getting pushed through this bottleneck. Here you choose if you want to go to the right or the left back to the boat. Mornings to the right and afternoons to the left for best sunlight. Keep an eye out for a family of Napoleon wrasse who lives here. Free swimming morays are fairly common and you find timber from the cargo of Giannis D. scattered over the bottom.

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