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Shaab Abu Nuhas - Giannis D

A.k.a Wood wreck.
She was built in Japan in 1969 and named Shoyo Maru. But in 1983 it was as Giannis D she was on route to Jeddah with a cargo of wood from Rijeka in Croatia. On April 19th she unexpectedly made a drastic change of course and headed straight for Shaab Abu Nuhas. The captain had been on duty more or less 24-7 since they sailed through the Suez Canal from Port Said two days earlier. After having completed the most dangerous and difficult stretch of water in the Red Sea the captain left the command to his first officer and headed to his cabin for some well deserved rest. Shortly afterwards he wakes up to the noise of the collision with the reef.

Either you have your boat moored right on top of the wreck or you roll in from a Zodiac, the most natural way to dive is to start with the stern section with the engine room. Thereafter swim over the wreckage amidships, where you find a section of hold #2 and some of the cargo of wood. Typically the bow and stern are both intact while the hull amidships has collapsed. The bow section features old ropes and nets swinging from the mast extending out in blue water, covered with soft corals.

This is not a dive you make out of historical interest or to see the spectacular cargo stacked in the holds. This is an amusement park for divers. The stern section lies in an angle that is guaranteed to make you question what is up and what is down. Easy to penetrate this section is where you will spend most of your dive. The portside companionway is leaning on the sandy seabed creating a tunnel at the deepest part of the wreck at 24m. As you swim along the starboard side you see the ladder with which the crew abandoned the ship.

The engine room is accessible from either the stern door or the vents next to the funnel. The bridge and the superstructure make excellent photography with light playing through the waves above. Be aware of currents and swells here and keep an eye on your depth gauge. It’s easy to get a yo-yo profile here due to the 45˚ angle of the wreck.

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