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Shaab Abu Nuhas - Chrisoula K

A.k.a Tile wreck.
It’s been disputed whether this wreck is Chrisoula K or The Marcus. After several dives on the wreck and studying photographs of both vessels I call her Chrisoula K of the simple reason of similarities. I have no engine number as proof or verification. It just feels right. This Greek cargo ship hit the reef on route to Jeddah with a cargo of granite floor tiles. So far we all agree.

The dive on the wreck should start at the stern. The entire aft section is torn of the rest of the wreck and lies on starboard side. The obligatory visit to the propeller screw and the rudder is typically the deepest part of the dive and from here you work yourself shallower. First stop is the weather deck where you can swim along the companion ways passing the lifeboat davits. The aft mast has fallen to the starboard side and is an irresistible motive for photographers who got a talent for composing a picture.

Coming out over the aft deck and collapsed hold you can have a look at the cargo of tiles. Next, the superstructure invites for beautiful swim-throughs. Descend through the ventilation hatches if you want to have a look in the engine room. Front of the superstructure the deck has collapsed and offers easy penetrations to the holds. The bow section is a natural area for safety stop and you can finish your dive safely close to the reef.

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