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If you have never tried snorkelling in the Red Sea then you have really missed out on something! It is nearly unbelievably beautiful in the Red Sea, which is the warmest sea in the world and where there are so many different species of animals, and so many of each species, that it feels like swimming in an enormous aquarium. We have equipment of all sizes, including for the children.

If you have never found fish or snorkelling interesting before, you definitely will after a swim with mask and snorkel in the Red Sea with Colona Divers. Our snorkellers see such a wide variety of underwater life that they find it hard to believe it is a real sea they are swimming in.

Our snorkel guides are some of the most experienced snorkel guides you can find, they can even get the most anxious beginners to feel safe when snorkelling. We lend our top equipment to our guests who are going to do a snorkel trip, and we serve them a whole day on sea, tasty food, several coral reefs and sunny weather around the year. Our equipment is top quality, modern and new.

There is always a Scandinavian snorkel guide who knows first aid on our snorkel boat, so our service is high quality. Colona Divers is well known in the whole of Scandinavia for its quality, nice staff and above all – we give you an unforgettable holiday, whether you are snorkelling or diving. We promise to do our very best so that you will have a fun and exciting day on sea with us. Welcome!

Choose between the following snorkelling trips.

Full Day Snorkeling:

Families including children and non-swimmers are all welcome on our snorkeling excursion.
Our professional snorkel guides will always be in the water with you pulling the “taxi”. The “taxi” is a big floating ring device which ensures your safety and allows you to relax if you are feeling a little tired.
These are daily excursions, leaving the marina at around 9 o’clock and returning at 16.00
Mask, snorkel, fins and safety jacket are all included in the price.

Dolphin Spotting:

Even if you are not a diver you can still enjoy the underwater paradise of the Red Sea by snorkeling while you are on your holiday. What could be more exciting than swimming with dolphins? Our specialized snorkel guides will make your day special by offering you the amazing chance to see dolphins in their natural habitat whilst respecting the highest safety standards. Families including children and non-swimmers are all welcome.

Giftun Island:

Giftun Island is one of the National Parks of Egypt and is located around 1 hour from our jetty. Giftun Island is a must for the sandy beach lovers.
This excursion allows even the non-swimmer to enjoy a full day trip on the sea. We will stay on this dream island until lunch time when food will be served on the boat and on the return trip we will make a stop on a marvelous reef before arriving back at the dive center at around 16.00