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About Hurghada!


Nestled at the lower end of the Gulf of Suez, Hurghada has been transformed into one of Egypt's liveliest and busiest resorts. Here you can experience a city evolving. Merging the old with the new, Hurghada boasts some of the finest hotels alongside the sights, smells and sounds of El-Dahar, the old town, and the lively hub of everyday Egyptian life.

Diving has long been the mainstay attraction of Hurghada, famed for its extraordinary and unique reefs, as well as being the ideal starting point for safaris further a field to Abu Nuhas and the Brothers Islands. For non-divers, Giftun Island is a snorkeller's paradise where you can also camp overnight and awaken with the sunrise.

If you are seeking out nightlife, then you will find plenty in Hurghada. There are various nightclubs, bars and pubs that turn this diving town into a party town.

As a cultural focal point, Hurghada has some fascinating spots that you can easily visit within one day. The nearby monasteries of St Paul and St Anthony prove to be a worthwhile visit if you want to experience a bit of history on your trip. In particular, St Paul's Monastery is renowned for its frescos that rival the Byzantine works by Fra Angelico in Florence.

Hurghada is changing at a rapid pace, and may at times appear to be overwhelmed by its own success. As a destination of energetic variety it remains a place worth exploring.

Hurghada is one of many exciting holiday destinations for package holidays to Egypt and the Red Sea.